About Sensible Investment Strategies

Sensible Investment Strategies is a free site, specializing in customized asset allocation strategies with suitable recommendations from 100% no-load mutual funds. To assure complete impartiality in its recommendations, Sensible Investment Strategies is not affiliated with, nor receives any compensation from, any brokerage firm or mutual fund organization.

Jack Piazza is the owner of Sensible Investment Strategies and has thirty-six years of experience in financial markets -- including investment analysis and advice, sales and marketing, venture capital management and mortgages. Jack has contributed many of the following investment articles to several financial websites -- these articles can also be directly accessed in Featured Articles:

* These articles are featured in CNBC's book, "CNBC Creating Wealth: An Investor's Guide to Decoding the Market".

The asset allocation method that I use allows for either conservative, moderate or aggressive risk tolerances to match with a wide variety of objectives and provides a high degree of customization for any investment situation. The first step in this process is to identify individual investment objectives and preferences. From this criteria, I devise an appropriate strategy and suitable mutual fund recommendations. Beginning with a basic asset allocation based on the return objectives and time horizon, I determine the appropriate fund categories - including asset allocation percentages - that would fit the desired level of risk tolerance. Finally, a variety of high-ranked (Morningstar 4 or 5 stars) 100% no-load mutual funds are then recommended to match the fund categories. The result is a detailed asset allocation plan that provides superior customization when compared to conventional asset allocation plans.

Choose your strategy from the following -- age ranges are guidelines only:

Just Starting (ages 25-40) -- for long-term, growth-oriented return objectives

Established Earner (ages 41-55) -- for long-term, growth-oriented return objectives

Soon To Retire (ages 56-65) -- for long-term, balanced oriented return objectives

In Retirement (ages 65+) -- for long-term, income-oriented return objectives

Intermediate and Short-term -- for income and balanced-oriented return objectives only


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